Dotwork Tattoos

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

As the name suggests, dotwork tattoos are made up of tiny dots, created with patience and plenty of skill. Dotwork is a drawing style called pointillism which solely utilises dots to build up texture and shading.

Complex designs require hours of hard work and not just on the day but with the drawing beforehand. In some studios, dotwork tattoo artists choose the hand-poking technique instead of using tattoo machines to achieve the desired effect for their designs.

In the last 20 years dotwork tattooing has grown into a uniquely recognisable style. They often showcase impressive shading and intricate detailing, with black and grey ink used to create these designs. Some shades of colour, typically red, are also used to create an attractive contrast to the design.

The most common subjects for dotwork tattoos are animals and decorative patterns including geometric designs and mandalas. The dotwork tattooing technique particularly compliments spiritual designs.

Dotwork has become so popular that mandalas are now one of the most popularly requested tattoos.

Below are some tattoos designed and created by our resident artist Paris.

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