Goodbye 2018!

With the studio celebrating being open for 2 years back in March, 2018 has been a very successful beginning to our studio's 3rd year!

We've welcomed many new and returning clients, and enjoyed the expansion of our team: March saw Paris Pamela return as a permanent resident artist; new artist Luke Galvin join the team in June; and studio owner Glen Carloss' apprentice Beckie Benson arrived mid July. For the most part, our team coming together has been a big highlight, but check out some of the rest of our achievements for 2018, and plans for the new year!


Top row: by Glen Carloss. Middle: Paris Pamela. Bottom: Luke Galvin

It was a tough call but we've selected our top 9 tattoos of 2018!

Our artists have genuinely enjoyed all of their projects this year, and they've seen a range of styles, sizes and challenges. The top 9 of the studio have been selected based on the views of our team as a whole, and represent some of the most technical, challenging or accomplished pieces.

Look out for our artists individual top tattoos on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Glen's Pick - Charity Walk In Day

Above: some of the dogs from WGW. Below: ballerina piece created by Luke on the day.

One of our greatest success' this year was our Walk In Charity Day! Studio owner and resident artist Glen Carloss see's this as a standout highlight of the past 12 months.

In aid of Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare , our artists worked all day (nearly 12 hours in the case of Glen!) to raise money and awareness for the local charity, which re-homes retired racing greyhounds.

With a turn out that exceeded our expectations, from both clients, dogs and volunteers from the charity - we were genuinely overwhelmed by the response and generosity.

We managed to tattoo 19 clients between our 3 artists, allocating all walk in appointments within the first hour of opening. We also managed to secure a further 12 future appointments for larger projects/people who we couldn't fit in on the day. Through donations, a raffle and of course the tattoos, we managed to raise over £2780 for the cause! Needless to say, we couldn't have hoped to have raise anything like this amount without the support of local businesses for their kind raffle prize donations, the team from WGW, and of course you - our generous clients!

Apprentice Beckie Benson's books now open!

Available design by Beckie

Last summer, studio owner Glen Carloss took on apprentice Beckie Benson. After some impressive designs and work on fake skin, Beckie progressed to real skin in November! With the success of her first few tattoos, Beckie will now be taking bookings for January - March 2019.

Beckie will be takings bookings at an apprentice rate.

If you've got some ideas you would like her to work on, or are interested in an original design, fill out a Contact Form on our website.

Please be advised that as Beckie is in the early stages of her career, we will be quite selective about the projects that we feel are suitable for her at this point, but do appreciate all interest.

Thank you for your support!

What's new for 2019?

New Year, New You

Is one of your resolutions to get some new work in 2019? Keep an eye out for the first few posts of January - when we'll be sharing some available designs from each artist that they would love to make for you this year.

A much easier, more permanent and more interesting change to your body than vowing to hit the gym in the new year!

Our personal resolutions focus around taking on new, bigger and more challenging projects. Artist Luke's top ambition for 2019 would be to create a full colour animal sleeve, while Paris wants to work on some bigger projects (back pieces etc)

Glen wants to continue to expand his full colour portfolio, whilst Beckie hopes to make good progress and throw herself into her new career.

Keep a particular watch for an exciting collaboration between Glen and Paris! Most likely, this will be a large scale thigh piece - we'll be looking for a client for this piece early next year.

Available designs by Glen Carloss (left) and Paris Pamela (Right) - click to make an enquiry!

2019 Conventions

Watch this space! We are in the process of applying to a couple of conventions for 2019. We hope to attend them as a studio, with all 3 artists working them. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for announcements and updates.

We're looking for guest artists!

We're looking for some guest tattoo artists to join us in the new year! We will be looking to fill the following dates:

8th-19th April

27th - 31st May

Dates for later in the year may be added, so if you're interested but these don't suit - keep an eye out for more!

If you're an artist interested in joining our team for a week or 2, please express your interest by emailing

Please include a link to your Instagram/Facebook portfolios.

All styles welcome - all applicants will be considered! We think this will be most beneficial for artists outside of the local area.

A massive thank you to all of our clients from 2018 - and to everyone we look forward to welcoming in 2019!

Check out the team: Glen Carloss, Paris Pamela, Luke Galvin and Beckie Benson.

Written by Abbie McMurray for Ladies and Gentlemen Tattoo Studio, 2018.

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